Design, build, and make an unforgettable impression.

Design, build, and make an unforgettable impression.


Knockout service. Knockout selection. Knockout impressions. Knockout results.

Knockout Exhibits was founded by  exhibit planning professionals with combined experience of over thirty years of real-world face-to face marketing experience.

Our mission is to offer solutions to companies looking for a new and fresh approach to face-to-face marketing.


There are ways to be a successful exhibitor with measurable results while keeping cost contained and being creative all at the same time. Let us show you how to achieve this!

Our approach is " Beyond the Booth " thinking when it comes to consulting with clients. Working with your marketing vision and overall objectives. Remembering each client is unique therefore each approach is unique.

We have the experience to help you witheverything from negotiating floor space, sponsorships, show logistics, pre-show and post-show marketing along with managing your booth. Being smart and having the right approach makes all the difference. Don't forget to incorporate the digital world in your marketing efforts.

We are always available to consult with you on any or all of your trade show needs. 

Contact us at (214)295-2812


Our services


* Exhibit design and fabrication
* Pre-show marketing
* Arrange install and dismantle
* Oversee and order show logistics
* Post show marketing
* Cost Containment
* Booth space recommendations
* Sponsorship negotiations
* On-site inspections
* Food and Beverage negotiations